Capabilities and Equipment
For Mechanical Drilling

 Excellon System 2000S
 Excellon System 2000
 Excellon MarkVII

For Drilling/Routing
 Excellon MarkVI Drill/Router
Posalux Multifor 22 Drill/Router

 Ancillary Equipment

 Glenbrook Technologies X-Ray machine with Sony video printer.
 Excellon Drill/Rout edit CAM station with HP Designjet T520 24" plotter. Graphicode GCcam Prevue Plus.
 Excellon OPIC IIIB
 One work station running Barco UCAM software.
Mechanical drilling.
 Maximum panel size 622 mm x 762 mm (24.5" x 30").
Minimum Drill Size 0.10 mm.
Depth Drilling Capability ± 0.05 mm From top of panel.
Positional Accuracy ± 0.05 mm to ± 3 σ, depending on hole size.

Maximum panel size 600 mm x 724 mm (23.6" x 28.5").
 Minimum cutter size 0.5 mm
We are also able to read and convert Paper tapes.
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